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Here I would like to share our manufacturing procedure with you to educate you how a pair of gloves you are wearing is produced and how many steps are involved to produce a gloves pair. I hope you would find this article helpful and knowledgeable.

Most important issue related to the Manufacturing Business is to produce quality and maintain it for the whole life of business. Every customer would demand high quality products made with the best raw materials and best possible finishing yet reasonably priced. 

Starla Group, over the past 15 years, have introduced several different methods which help us to achieve the desired results regarding quality of manufacturing. Concept of quality is not limited only to the manufacture of products but covers other basic important areas like understanding customers needs, prompt solution & response, delivery services, documentation, interpretation & controlled prices as well. 

Correct choice of the raw materials is the first step towards achieving quality which is followed by a constantly checked work-in-process stage and finally the inspection of the finished product. We use best raw materials and have in-depth knowledge of using the raw materials that will not only make the quality of the product better but will certainly make our products more durable. Let us demonstrate this by an example of BOXING GLOVES.

High quality boxing gloves are made in genuine cow skin leather although there are gloves that are made in Buffalo skins, Goat skins and synthetic materials to make the prices competitive and affordable.

Cow Leather : The reason what makes cow skin leather the best choice for a pair of boxing gloves is because it has extra stretch, strong yet soft. Skin's hair spots are almost invisible. Comparatively a pair in cow leather is expensive. 

Buffalo leather is though strong but does not have that extra elasticity which is a pre-requisite for boxing gloves. The skin's hair spots are very visible. The feel of the leather a bit harder as compared to Cow skin.

Comparatively a pair in buffalo leather is cheaper than cow leather.

Similarly, Goat skins have extra stretch but they are not that strong and is not long lasting so this leather is not widely used to produce boxing products. However, this leather is widely used in Fitness / Weight Lifting gloves.

Synthetic OR PU Material:
Man made artificial material (also called Artificial Leather) which is strong enough and is widely used to produce equipment to offer at affordable prices. A wide range of different PU quality and colors available.

There are many different styles and models of boxing gloves. The padding is either INJECTION molded foam which is a pre-shaped OR HAND MADE molded foam which is a combination of Latex, EVA, Underlay and Foam.

Choice of the style is entirely upto the customer. However, it is our job to design the best possible patterns and sizes for their desired fit and comfort. And since we develop products therefore before final production we test the designs to make it highly likely that our fitting and sizes are perfect. Same is the case with the padding of the Gloves, we know how much padding would be appropriate and use best quality materials for the padding which are compatible with the regions weather and playing conditions. Since material shrink / contract and expand respectively with cold and hot weather, it is our job to understand this phenomenon and manufacture the products accordingly. 

Other issues like choice of stitching threads including the nature of their construction, whether it should be nylon or polyester or cotton is an important issue. A pair of boxing gloves goes under very intense and hard playing sessions so it is of utmost importance to use the thread of maximum strength and to double stitch the boxing gloves for reinforcement. Inside lining and Wrist grip are very important points too in the boxing gloves. We use waterproof 100% polyester taffeta lining which is not only very comfortable but has great strength in its construction and is durable.

Finally the piping that normally is done to give a finishing touch to the boxing gloves should not be of any less quality than the other materials used. But this is the point where most companies never care and mostly piping gets damaged way earlier than the rest of the product. Similarly printing inks are used from best companies to print customer's brand and logos on the gloves and very fine quality screens that make the prints sharper. Every stage of the product manufacturing goes under inspection and it is made sure that no faulty or even slightly damaged product reaches the customer.

Similar methods of production and ensuring quality are used with MMA, Fitness Gloves, Belts and ALL other equipment & products.

Slightly different approach goes for the apparel manufacturing since it requires extra care with the sizes, fabric shrinkage, color fastness, stitching standards, labeling and embellishments. Fabrics for martial arts un